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Understanding Automatic Pool Cleaners.

The different types of automatic pool cleaners are endless. Some work off the suction of the pool pump, and some are a pressure feed system which has a separate pump called the booster pump for cleaners. Some clean a pool randomly and some are programmed with a certain pattern. For specific models contact Pool Service […]
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Pool Service Miami: Understanding Spa Leaks

Leak detection and repair were outlined in more detail in the previous chapter, but it should be noted that spas are far more prone to leak problems than any pool I have ever seen. In addition to the likely leak locations already detailed, many fiber-glass and acrylics spas leak at the light fixture, skimmer assembly, […]
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Swimming Pool Service: Understanding Pool Motors

Before reading this section, a basic knowledge of electricity is helpful, so you might want to review the chapter on basic electricity. After all, the motor is the device that converts electricity into mechanical power. Motors, like the pumps they drive, are rated by horsepower, usually in the pool and spa word as ½, ¾, […]
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Pool Maintenance: Cartridge Filters.

For more information on swimming pool Cartridge Filters contact Pool Companies Miami. Cartridge Filtration is the newest form of filtration. The filter media is either spun-bonded polyester or treated paper in a cylindrical pleated arrangement. Cartridge filtration is accepted to be in the 15 to 25 micron range for the size of particles it will […]
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Pool Service Chemicals Often Used – Chlorine

What is Chlorine? Chlorine, in any form, mixed with water forms hydrochloric acid (HC1, commonly called muriatic acid) and hypochlorous acid (HOC1), the killing form of chlorine. Its purpose is to kill bacteria in the water. Bacteria carry disease and stimulate algae growth. Chlorine accomplishes this by oxidizing the bacteria and other waste in the […]
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Common Swimming Pool Water Problems and Cures Part 2

This article is a continuation to Common Swimming Pool Water Problems and Cures Part 1 For more information contact Pool Service Miami.Top Rated Pool Companies Miami. Corrosion of light fixtures, rails, and ladders You might notice discoloration of the pool fixtures before you see deposits on the pool walls, so take advantage of the early […]
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Common Swimming Pool Water Problems and Cures Part 1:

Here are some a few common pool water issues and some pool service tips as to how to correct them. For more information contact Pool Service Miami.Top Rated Pool Companies Miami. Cloudy Water Cloudy water is most often caused by inadequate filtration; either signifying that the daily filter run is not long enough of the […]
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What is green algae and how to remove it:

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Green algae are the most diverse group of algae, with more than 7000 species growing in a variety of habitats. Its a paraphyletic group because it excludes the Plantae, which is plants, mosses, ferns, and flowering plants. Like plants, green algae contains two forms of chlorophyll, which they use to capture light energy to fuel […]
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