Understanding Automatic Pool Cleaners.

Understanding Automatic Pool Cleaners.

The different types of automatic pool cleaners are endless. Some work off the suction of the pool pump, and some are a pressure feed system which has a separate pump called the booster pump for cleaners. Some clean a pool randomly and some are programmed with a certain pattern. For specific models contact Pool Service Miami for free recommendations.

Each cleaner is designed for a certain type of pool. Some will work only in vinyl pools, and some will work only in concrete pools. Some create suction by the use of a diaphragm that sucks the debris in while going around the bottom and walls around the pool. Some have wheels and actually drive themselves around the pool, sucking up debris and stirring up substances on the bottom by spraying water from the rear of the cleaner, to allow the debris to be pulled into either the main drain or skimmer. The filter then takes care of catching and removing this items.

There are other cleaners that are electric powered and have a storage device or bad that lets them crawl around the pool and remove and store debris. All cleaners except for the diaphragm model have a separate storage system designed to remove unwanted debris. Most diaphragm models connect to a separate cleaner port installed in the pool or through the skimmer and on the skimmer models deposit the debris in the trap basket of the pump unless they have an inline leaf basket to collect larger pieces of debris. This is the one most commonly used by Pool Service Miami customers

The choice of cleaner depends on the suction power of the pump and the design of the pool it will serve. Some cleaners get stuck on stairs, ladders, and different shapes of certain pools. You have to do your research to determine which cleaner will work better on that particular pool.

It all boils down to money. If you want the best cleaner for your pool, it will cost you. If you want it to do a fairly good job, it might cost you less. A cleaner that does not perform the way it was intended to in your pool or a customer's pool is a waste of money. Experience is the key here so you want try contacting a pool company like Pool Service Miami who will have more experience in this area. Most Pool Service Miami companies will be happy to help you and provide their expertise. Manufacturers promise a lot of things that may not pertain to a particular pool. Usually a pool that has a screened enclosure is a fairly good candidate for a suction cleaner, depending on the design of the pool and what the pool has in it. Suction cleaners are not good for lots of leaves as they get plugged in the diaphragm of the cleaner, disabling them. Anything that is in the pool that can clog the cleaner is bad for the cleaner and it will not perform well.

In Florida there are many pine trees constantly dropping needles that can clog a line and give a cleaner and your whole suction system a run for its money. Unlike your household sewer lines, it is dangerous to put a plumber's snake line into a pool line. It is also recommenced that high pressure air not be shot into a pool line.

A cleaner is designed to aid in the cleaning of a pool and not to replace the normal cleaning that is required. Tiles still need to be cleaned, walls and floors still need to be swept, and a good vacuum needs to be done. Many people think that if they install a cleaner in their pool they don't have to do anything else to maintain it. The average life span of pool surface (also known as diamond brite) is about sever years but if you rely solely on a pool cleaner that life will most likely be shortened.

Always remember to do your research before purchasing a pool cleaner. The internet offers a variety of sites that provide reviews on each product. This will help you make a smarter decision when it comes to buying a pool cleaner, and it will keep you from buying a crappy cleaner. Don't hesitate to email Pool Service Miami if you ever have any questions pertaining to Pool Cleaners. We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Hope you enjoyed this article from Pool Service Miami!

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